Christian Chi-Rho Symbol T-Shirt
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Gold Chi-Rho symbol on black T-Shirt.
T shirt with Celtic style Cross and the word "forgiven".
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“Forgiven” T Shirt design also available on sweatshirts, hoodies and tank tops.

Welcome to “Christian T Shirts Now”. Despite the title, our scope is much wider than just Christian T shirts. I will be sharing designs which catch my eye on Christian T shirts, clothing and accessories – and a few of my own, so watch this space! Our blog covers other things which may be of interest to Christians as well. One theme we have visited quite early on and intend to pursue further is the matter of ethical fashion and fabrics like organic cotton or bamboo.

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Ladies' pink Christian T shirt with the words "Jesus the Way, the Truth, the Life".
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Jesus: the Way, the Truth, the Life
"Jesus is my music" fitted white T Shirt with music graphic.
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Jesus is my music T Shirt
Black Christian T shirt with the Cross of Jesus and the words "He submitted freely so that we could live through Him".
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He submitted freely
Bible reference, John 3:16, in gold on white T-shirt.
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John 3:16 T Shirt
Child's T Shirt with the words "I may be small but God has big plans for me"
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I may be small but God has big plans for me
Celtic Cross Christian T Shirt
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Celtic Cross T Shirt

Flowy racer-back tank top.
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That my footsteps not slip
Dog shirt with the words "Jesus is Lord can I get an Amen"
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Jesus is Lord dog shirt

Whatever your tastes, I aim to eventually have a collection from some of the best designers of Christian shirts that I can find in the hope that there really will be something for everyone. At the same time I intend (when time allows) to add more of my own Christian Tee designs to my own Zazzle store

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