Christian Chi-Rho Symbol T-Shirt
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Christian Tee Shirts – an introduction

Welcome to my new WordPress site. I hope you will enjoy the Christian tee shirts I will be sharing with you. When I set up my Zazzle, I started noticing how popular Christian tee shirts are. I have only just begun creating Christian tee shirt designs myself, but I want to share here some of the beautiful, humorous, inspiring or thought-provoking Christian clothing designs I find from various sites and talented designers around the world.

The first shirt I created for BeautifulName was a very simple typography shirt with just the words “Consider Jesus”. Zazzle has so many lovely T-shirt styles a simple text design works well on all of them.

This is where it began –

Simple typography Christian Tee Shirt with the words "Consider Jesus".
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Simple typography T-Shirt with the words “Consider Jesus”.

Another design from BeautifulName is the Chi-Rho tee shirt which appears as a feature on the homepage. The gold version appears here, but it is also available with the symbol itself in silver as well as white or black. Slightly more esoteric, perhaps, this Christian symbol represents the first two letters of “Christ” (Christos) in Greek, Chi and Rho.

Explore some of the shirts featured on Christian T Shirts Now –

If you want to search further afield there is a huge choice of designs to be found on Amazon and Zazzle.

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